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How do I cancel my order?

Please contact the Hydroderm Customer Care Center at info@hydroderm.com.

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How was I enrolled in the auto-ship program?

At the time you placed your 30-Day Trial order you were informed that you are signing up for the auto-ship program, and were notified of the terms of the 30-Day Trial. It is then up to the customer to go forward and process the order - agreeing to the service, or cancel the order completely - if you do not agree to the terms.

For more information on the Hydroderm Rewards program click here

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When will my credit card account be charged?

Immediately after your product is shipped we will charge your credit card.

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Am I responsible for bank overdraft fees?

Yes. You are responsible for overdraft fees caused by both one-time orders and any future auto-ship charges that are not cancelled prior to shipping.

If you are a member of the discount auto-ship program, automatic future shipments and charges to your credit card will occur. Please familiarize yourself with the terms of your membership to avoid any unexpected charges.

If you signed up for the Hydroderm Rewards program, you are notified of your participation in the three following ways:

1. Terms and conditions as stated on our Web site, specifically on the Shopping Cart page when you order.
2. An automatic "welcome" e-mail is sent to you along with the order confirmation, reminding you of your enrollment in the auto-ship program.
3. Documentation of auto-ship program is mailed along with your shipments.

The Web site clearly explains in detail the information regarding the auto-ship program during the purchasing stage, and once again just prior to the final submission of the order.

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Why do you charge sales tax?

Businesses operating in California are required to collect sales tax for every purchase made by California residents.

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